TREX Vs AZEK what is the better option for you

Composite decking, is a form of synthetic wood that is made from recycled materials. This decking is often used to replace traditional wooden decking with a more durable and cost-prohibitive material. Composite decking can be made from several different types of plastic, fiberglass material or other resins mixed with fiberglass resin base.

This mixture creates a stronger bond between the layers making it easier to work with than traditional wood. With so many options on decking, color variation and brand. Choosing what is the best Decking company to go with can be a really difficult task. Fist in order to dive in we need to understand what is the best option for you. 

Which is the best Composite Decking ?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a composite decking is whether or not you want a warranty. Each companies warranty claims are different but they both provide a 50 Year warranty in their product agains fading and Staining. For Residential customers. So that should be the driving factor when making this decision.

One of the best ways to identify which one is to test which one is the best for you and  your home. A personalized look for your home. Although the decking cost are a judge upset most people end up going for the color they like the most. Some contractors say AZEK is superior than TREX, but this is subject to points of view. TREX is build with PVC and wood, AZEK is made out of PVC. 

Which one is more Resistance 

The answer is: they are equally resistant. All of them will last their lifetime. They can be used again and again. However when each materials is expose to longer time to sun  they can over heat, and over heated materials expands and contracts.

In one occasion River City was hire to repair a TREX decking, this was a screw down materials from their Select line, we did so by replacing the screw downs to a grove edge with the clips so when they expand they’ll have some type of room to expand and contracts. 

Both Materials are equally resilient to sun and weather. 

Which One looks and Feels better 

AZEK  has more variations in color and texture. This can be useful if you want to create a unique looking bed that stands out among other similar ones.

On the other hand, TREXs on another hand has a variation of color but it looks a more like composite, to potential buyers who are looking for something unique and different from what they’ve seen before on other websites or stores AZEK and TREX offer a variety of Colors and textures to choose form. 

What are they made of 

TREX is a composite decking, which means it’s made of wood and plastic. AZEK is PVC-based, so it’s not as durable as TREX in some ways but more environmentally friendly to use than TREX. (It also has less of an impact on the environment if you have pets or kids.)

In our opinion, TREX or AZEK are great options for decking. A lot of our client at the end of the day end up going with the materials that looks  best with their house.

If you have Hardy Siding, Cedar siding you’ll might be incline to AZEK. If you have Vinyl siding you’ll more than likely like the TREX colors and variation. There’s no point to compare both companies as they both provide great quality products.

Our professional advise is to order some samples play with them in your house and have a professional come out to bid on your deck. 

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