Stunning Kitchen Remodel Ideas You’ll Love

Kitchen Remodel

Gamechanger Kitchen Remodel Ideas in 2022

Thinking about the best kitchen remodel and upgrades can be a hassle. We have been remodeling kitchens for almost 20 years and discover a few tips to enhance your space.

As your kitchen is the heart of your home, you want the heath of your home to look good as it possibly can. 

1. QUARTZ vs. GRANITE When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

It’s no secrete that Quartz has become a headline for most kitchen remodeling.

One of the reason when building a new kitchen most designers opt in for Quartz instead of marble or granite is because of its maintenance and durability.

Quartz is an engineer stone with scratch resistance, can withstand high temperatures of heat and low maintenance. It’s a win win situation.

2. Storage Space 

While you are fascinated with all the new appliances you can add to your new kitchen. Do not forget its all about the space. Most designers go with higher cabinets to be exacts 42″.

Which gives an extra space and luxury to your kitchen. No more useless space on top of your cabinet.


3. Lighting 

Turn up the lighting, we have found that what gives life to your kitchen is lighting.

Talk all about light. Brighten your kitchen with these great lighting ideas. Learn how to save energy with LED lighting, find inspiration for lighting fixtures from extravagant chandeliers to simple lamps, and discover the very best in options of lighting for your kitchen.

Talk to a pro today to discover you kitchen ideas. We are ready to help!

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